Tony's Ybor Restaurant
      2001 22nd Street ~ Tampa, FL ~33605
                     (813) 247-7283

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       Choice of one Meat item
           ~Chicken Parmesan~
          Tender Boneless Chicken Breast
     savory Italian bread crumbs topped with
         a tomato basil sauce and layered
                 with Italian Cheeses
            ~Chicken Romano~
    Tender Boneless Chicken Breast tossed in
      rich Romano cheeses and bread crumbs
        then browned to a golden perfection
~Chicken Alfredo~
 Golden Boneless Chicken Breast served
          with a creamy Parmesan sauce
             ~Chicken Diablo~
    Pan seared Boneless Chicken Breast with
        green peppers and onions in a light 
      sauce served over a bed of white rice 
           ~ Italian Chicken~
     Quarter piece of Chicken slowly marinated
  in a zesty Italian dressing and baked to a 
                    golden perfection
    Succulent Beef Roast stuffed with Ham and
 Chorizo sausage baked slowly along side of
              green peppers and onions
~ Lasagna~
   Layer of seasoned Beef, Italian sausage,and
  Italian cheeses stacked high then topped off
           with our tomato basil sauce
 ~ Baked Ziti~
  Tender Ziti pasta and hearty seasoned Beef
         baked in a bed of cheeses and 
                   tomato basil sauce
    ~ Carved Top Round Roast~
         Served with Au Jus and horseradish
~ Carved Baked Ham~
         ~ Sliced Roast Pork~
     Deliciously seasoned then slow roasted
            ~ Rib-Eye Steak~
    Perfectly aged then seared over a hot grill
    with our special blend of savory spices
           ~ Beef Tenderloin~
            Tender Beef that is specially
               seasoned then roasted
           ~ Shrimp Scampi~
   Succulent shrimp served with your choice
                of white rice or orzo
             ~ Pork Chops~
            Tender Boneless Pork Chops
     baked with special Italian seasonings
             ~BBQ Chicken~
        Juicy Chicken prepared with special
          seasonings and BBQ sauce

 Choice of one Starch Item 
                  ~ Italian Potatoes~
                   ~ New Potatoes~
                  ~ Baked Potatoes~
                    ~ Yellow Rice~
                    ~ White Rice~
          ~ Pasta with tomato basil sauce~
     Choice of one Vegtable Item 
               ~ Julienne Vegtables~
                  ~ Green Beans~
                ~ Broccoli Spears~
             ~ Peas and Mushrooms~
                 ~ Baby Carrots~
               ~ Squash Casserole~

       Choice of one Salad Item 
                 ~ Italian Salad~
                ~ Caesar Salad~
                 ~ Pasta Salad~ 
                ~ Potato Salad~

              Also Included  
            ~ Rolls or Cuban Bread~
~ Ice Tea~
* Dessert Available, call for selections
                   ~ Fruit tray~

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